Meditations and Daily Life Practices



                                         by John C. Bader




Planting the seeds of wisdom and branching out
to touch Enlightenment ...
John C. Bader is a wellness advocate and consultant specializing in spiritual self-evolution, meditation and bio-energy healing. A regular contributor to wellness blogs, John shares much of his insight and wisdom from an awakening he experienced several years ago. As a person who is a student and mentor on an evolving path to self-discovery and enlightenment, John contends he is really no different than you. He adds that we all probably have more in common than we know. We both have stories to tell, some good and some bad. We have faced success and loss and many of us are just working our way through this thing called life. Still, the same question seems to arise: Is this as good as life gets? John explains that knowledge comes from life experiences and being mindful of the present; coupled with our faith from knowing that we have in our possession the key to unlocking the door to happiness. The Responsive Universe is that key to happiness; a step-by-step journey that involves shedding the ego and false-self to connect with something more authentic and magnificent. John C. Bader is a California native; a wave rider, amateur astronomer, husband, father and he humbly requests to be your guide in this amazing and sublime Responsive Universe.


The key to a fruitful existence, sans of suffering, is to be mindful of the ego with your thoughts and energy centered the present.

The Responsive Universe is a handbook to enlightenment. Within these pages are refreshing and insightful revelations, wisdom, and nine valuable meditations and daily life practices designed to help the reader find happiness in a world of indifference. Through instinctual energy and insight, the Responsive Universe offers a succinct vision of your True Nature – your intrinsic, immortal potential for reaching enlightenment that exists within the mind of every sentient being. Much like clouds can obscure blue sky; the Responsive Universe illuminates a less trodden path of mindfulness and clarity with the goal of suffering less and connecting to that inner voice within that speaks wisdom and truth. Within the inviting realm of the Responsive Universe, John C. Bader will discuss living with an open mind, creation, de-construction of organized religion, karma, energy healing, coping with loss, abuse and a complete life changing shift in social mainstream perception. Additionally, a portion of the profits for this book will be donated to help fight and cure cancer. Join John C. Bader on your very own journey to self-actualization and enlightenment. Are you ready to leave the social static of the ego driven world and embrace true illumination, happiness and understanding? Your journey begins now and as you will soon find, positivity and possibility are boundless when you live in a Responsive Universe.
Anything is possible in a Responsive Universe...




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The Illumination of the Nine Mandalas

Workbook and Enhanced Life Consultation